Jr. & Sr. High School Groups

St. Agnes 1 Thank you for showing interest in ACW youth programs!  We would certainly love to have your group here, however, we no longer attempt to host  jr. & sr. high students for weeks of service. If you would still like to come to our farm, please check out Antioch (group retreats).

Rationale: Historically, this age group has not gotten as much out of service projects as we’d like them to, nor have their leaders.. nor have the people they have come to serve. Understandably, teens are more focused on each other than the folks here due to their social developmental level.  Skills and motivation for work projects are just not where they need to be.  Plus, most of the time, this age is only available to come here during summer months, and then it’s too hot and miserable for them to get much done anyway.  It ends up being more babysitting for the adult leaders, and more work for us.  After teen groups leave, we end up having to go back to complete projects due to lack of time while you’re here, or we have to do them over due to poor quality work by students. So, we figure, WHY FIGHT IT anymore?

st. monica churchSo…If you’re interested in adding Education to a Group Retreat, your students would be introduced to Appalachian culture and issues, Catholic social teaching, and have the time for bonding, group building, learning together and exploring their spirituality.  Kids go home happy, leaders go home rejuvenated, we feel like we’ve done a good job, and the people here have their integrity in tact with a much better impression of “outsiders.”  Thanks for considering!

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