“Just when you think you’re lost,
you’re almost there.

~several visitors

Ever wonder what’s at the end of the Earth?  Well, now you know!  You’ll find our Catholic Worker Farm -and yourself- here, tucked deep in a beautiful 100 acre holler off a winding country road.  It’s anything but a dead-end.  Life is teeming all around and it’s behooving to match its relaxed pace, especially on the mountain miles it takes to get here.  No need to drive white-knuckled looking like a deer in headlights. Enjoy taking your time. We bet you’ll soon agree that, without these ancient hills among us, it would be way too crowded and noisy. As it is, we already have our fair share of natural neighbors, and the silence can be deafening.

We’ve found the source of Orchard Run’s stream waters to be the perfect place for an Appalachian E.C.O. Center, so, that’s what we do here: Education, Contemplation and Outreach in the context of creation.  Take a break and join us for educational programs on issues of justice and spirituality, rejuvenating retreats in the woods, and life-giving work in the community and on the land.  After all, we believe these are means to fostering the type of society the Creator intended.

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