Who We Are…

Jeannie Kirkhope

DISCLAIMER: If there is such a thing as a “stereotypical” Catholic Worker Farm, this may not entirely fit your description.

My partner, Bill, and I are just gregarious hermits who love the quiet and simplicity of living in the mountains, and are lucky enough to be able to give others an opportunity to experience the same. We greatly appreciate and rely on the community and interdependence we’ve found in Appalachian culture, and do what we can to help our neighbors through outreach ministries. As for farming, I raise a few chickens and Bill does a little gardening but, overall, we’re just amateurs trying to be mindful caretakers of this land for whoever comes after us.

Although our location may seem remote, we are in no way removed from being actively engaged with environmental issues and advocating for social change. Our world views are influenced by philosophers and mystics whom we’ve found in as many books as on front porches and city sidewalks. Our spirituality is rooted in encounters with nature and those on the margins, which give us the clearest views of the face of God.

Bill Reichenbach

Despite whether you visit or not, what your purposes are, or how you become involved, it is our hope that your experience with the Appalachian Catholic Worker feels all-inclusive and leads you to greater self-understanding, worldly love, and a oneness with creation and its Creator.

For more information on the history of the ACW, see the 10th Anniversary issue of the Inner Voice.

One Response to Who We Are…

  1. Barb says:

    Jeannie, I just love the new look of your website, and your family pic with you, Bill and doggies are adorable.
    Love you and wish WV were closer so we could meet at Pizza Hut for lunch.