For Places

In rural areas, there aren’t as many homeless people as there are peopleless lands.  So, ACW has gotten involved with land trusts and other community projects looking for like-minded humans to LOVE, inhabit, care-take, sustainably live upon (alone or with others), environmentally protect, and/or purchase or rent various beautifully wild and wonderful pieces of land in our region.

Copy of barnParticipation in grass-roots community projects like these gives the Appalachian Catholic Worker opportunities to offer a unique perspective and a prophetic voice in the area.  Each one listed here has a mission that reflects aims similar to the Catholic Worker, and allows me to serve and work with others in the wider local and regional areas.


West Virgini Regional Land Trust

Sunny Bank Farm Charitable Trust

Big Laurel Learning Center (JASMER)

Curtis Pike Community

Woodland Community Land Trust



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