Appalachian Catholic Worker’s  “E.C.O. Center” is just 2 miles up the road from the farm. Here, we host groups of up to 10 and individual retreatants.

Eat ‘n’ Sleep Space – “Denver’s” belonged to the patriarch of our holler, Denver Wallbrown, who passed away in 2015. Built in 1922, this cozy farmhouse has a nice kitchen and eating area. Two of the three bedrooms have bunkbeds (1 on top, 2 on bottom), and the retreatant’s room has a Queen-sized bed.   Please bring your own sleeping bags and pillow cases to use.  We like our mountains made of forests, not laundry.


1st room: double bed



2nd room: 2 bunkbeds, single on top, double on bottom



3rd room, 2 bunkbeds, single on top, double on bottom







Meeting Space – The 100 year old one-room schoolhouse, a short walk across the yard from Denver’s, provides ample space for us to stretch out on couches and bean bag chairs to get to work learning, discussing and having our evening reflections.


013Bathroom Facilities–  To save water and our fragile septic system at Denver’s, we “let mellow when it’s yellow, and flush it down when it’s brown.”  Participants are allowed one (traditional) shower per week. Although many have found “going without” as a challenge and a group-bonding experience, we HIGHLY encourage daily “bird baths” out of the sink, or the use of ‘wet-ones’ for aromatic quality and comfort in close quarters! Regardless, baseball caps and bandannas will likely become your group’s new fashion trend.

Meals – Due to high energy costs of the production and distribution of meat, and our respect for the intrinsic value of factory farm animals, most meals are vegetarian.  Breakfasts and lunches are simple, nourishing and often “on the go.”  Dinners are cooked for you and eaten family-style, and clean-up is a group effort. While we try to accommodate special diets, folks may want to bring their own items to supplement meals. Food is figured into your cost.



  • Mon – FriContinental – fruit, yogurt, cereal, bagels, toast, jams, butter
  • Sat – Sun – french toast & veggie sausage or pancakes & eggs


cold veggie pizza


  • Brown Bag:  PB&J sandwiches (or veggies & hummus for nut allergies) fruit, pretzels
  • “The Spread” – if we eat at home, a buffet style- cold veggie pizza, pasta salad, cheese & crackers, fruit, and yummy left-overs



  • spaghetti, salad, garlic toast (tomato sauce)
  • tacos -large soft shelled (both meat and bean), salsa & chips
  • chili (vegetarian), hummus, pita bread
  • gypsy soup (sweet potato-based, vegan), black bean dip & bread
  • pesto 3 cheese tortellini and salad


  • popcorn – on movie night
  • cookies – chocolate chip…for as long as they last!

WATER: Our well-water is tasty and safe to drink. Please bring your own reusable water bottle and be conscientious of your use of our planet’s most precious resource. Never leave the tap running!

House Chores – Daily house chores encourage service among peers.  Participants will sign up to be a member /expert in one of four areas:

  • Chew Crew – Kitchen clean-up, meal prep if needed
  • Green Team – Recycling and composting
  • Poo Crew – bathroom clean up & tidying up meeting spaces

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