How You Can Help

There are several ways you can support the
Appalachian Catholic Worker

I.  I’m not gonna lie. Non-tax-exempt donations, either material or monetary, are our greatest needs.  Give to our “General Operating Fund,” check out our Wish List, or earmark your gift for one of these special “pots”:

– Donate to help us assist our neighbors in the hollers of Roane County.
– Give to our Happy Endings for Animals fund.
– Collect change and designate your Pennies for Potties for kids in Nepal.

          -Give a financial gift for building projects. as there are plenty of them in the works! 
Click here
to see the map of the Farm. All PURPLE structures have yet to be                      completed.

Memorialize your gift or give it in honor of someone, and his, her or their names will be imprinted on a plaque and placed along the “Memories” portion of our Hiking Trail.

Please make checks or money orders payable to “ACW c/o Jean E. Kirkhope”

II.  You are also helping us whenever you come to visit, serve, retreat in, and learn about Appalachia, and then go home to spread the word about us.  Our guests’ direct experiences shared by word-of-mouth have been our most valuable and effective tools in raising awareness and addressing the issues of poverty and the environment.  With you, our efforts are multiplied exponentially like loaves and fishes.

 III.  Last, but certainly not least, please pray. We tap into your good vibes and are encouraged in our work on a daily basis by your thoughts of loving kindness. The same goes for the people, animals, plants, trees, land and water of the Appalachian region. We are all positively affected -at a molecular level- by the ever-widening ripple caused by that seemingly tiny pebble you throw out into the sea of the universe in our name.  So, please continue praying for us, and you’ll remain on our high-voltage “hit list,” as well.

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