Canines & Felines

“Home” Is Where the Pets Are

We’ve been home to several dogs and cats, given to us, found as strays,or fostered through Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue (, in memory & tribute to “Trapper” (1996-2008).

Introducing, in order of arrival:

Monaresident one-eyed, deaf, 19 yr. old expert mouser

TrapperR.I.P. resident liver & white English Springer Spaniel, soul mate

PrissyR.I.P. resident b&w Harlequin Great Dane, bossy & prissy

Maneresident grey Tabby cat, loves to go hiking

Jain, a.ka. Scaredy Cat – resident white Calico, afraid of anything that moves

UgsR.I.P resident brown Beagle mutt, r.i.p., independent & huggable

Maggie – resident black Terrier mutt, queen of all that lives and breathes

Tresy Seis/Misu stray b&w kitten, found on Rt. 36, now in Seattle, WA


Clover/Charlie foster liver and white Springer Spaniel, now in N.J

Reesefoster tri-color Springer mix, now in N.J. with the Mackeys.

Ottoresident white Great Pyrenees, slobberer extraordinaire

Dule’resident black barn cat, feral-gone-tame, purrs like a Mack truck.

Titus/Bo foster b&w Springer mix puppy, now in PA


Selene foster b&w Springer mix puppy, now in PA



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  1. Barb says:

    I just found myself , Jeannie…thanks! Love you

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