Otto Saves a Puppy’s Life!

My neighbors, the Sweets, have a dog named Venus who recently had 7 puppies. Now, they’re about 6 wks. and old enough to stay outside with Venus in her dog house. The other night, while it was STILL raining after the second straight day, their empty plastic tote bin (used for the laundry line) had been left out there and a pup managed to crawl in. Rain had filled it up and the pup couldn’t get out! Venus was tied up and couldn’t reach in to grab the little guy. She was wimpering and howling and the pup was yelping, but none of us heard it except Otto! We thought the two adult dogs were barking off coyotes or talking to each other…But, without ever leaving this property, he barked sooo long, soooo loud, and it echoed soooo far in their direction, the Sweets could hear him from INSIDE their house! Because he sounded so frantic, I was about to go check on him, but then it stopped. Turns out, they went outside to see if something had happened to ME, and saw the puppy struggling. If not for Otto, the poor little dude would have drowned. HOORAY FOR OTTO!

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