Why Not Non-Profit?

Just People Helping People

Since the inception of this Catholic Worker, our ministries have survived solely on whatever our donors could afford to give.  They contribute out of the goodness of their hearts, for the sheer sake of giving.  Without non-profit status, we are just people helping people. Your hard-earned money goes directly to those who need it most without any red tape. Meanwhile, I am able to do the work, rather than spend my time -and your money- jumping through governmental hoops, writing grants and matching them, and traveling to meetings with a board of directors.  Instead of one or two big sponsors, well over a thousand donors can claim the good works done in the name of the Appalachian Catholic Worker.  In other words, like St. Theresa of Liseiux’s “little way,” my serving those in need with small donations from a lot of you puts holiness within reach of all of us ordinary people.

I have never dealt with anything more than a shoe-string budget, and we’re still in operation.  So, the way I see it, if funding for these ministries ever dries up completely and we have to close the doors, it can only mean one of two things.  I am no longer the person for the job or our work here in Appalachia must be done. Woo-Hoo!

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