Appalachia 101

Whether you’re a group of “flatlanders” or just want to know more about the area, Appalachia 101 gets down to the basics of what makes this region so influential and important to the rest of our country and the world.  Bring your group here to experience it all first-hand, or invite me to speak wherever you are.

Build a curriculum that covers the topics about which your group wants to know:

  • history of the land and its people
  • Appalachian culture
  • religion
  • social issues
  • environmental issues
  • political dilemmas

If you can stay a while, we’ll use mediums to match the learning styles of your group members:

  • lecture/discussion
  • guest speakers
  • see-for-yourself tours
  • experiential learning
  • service learning
  • local events (dependent on schedules)

COST: suggested donation amount

(For Appalachia 101 Overnights, see Accommodations for more information)

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