Before you give us a call to adopt one of our animals, please consider the following questions:

  • What is your philosophy?  Our philosophy at Happy Endings Animal Rescue is that animals can bring peace, harmony and balance into the lives of humans. However, as care-takers of God’s Creation, it is our responsibility to provide those things FIRST. In other words, we don’t expect, depend or rely on our pets to be cool, calm, loving and well-behaved until we can be ourselves.  
  • Are you able to make a long-term commitment? Dogs can live 10-15 years and sometimes longer. Cats, 20+ years. 
  • What is your Plan B for a Happy Ending?  Of course, it’s your intention to keep the animal for the remainder of its life, but what if something comes up? You have to move? Your circumstances change? Or YOU pass away? WHO will ensure your pet has the happy ending we all want it to have?  Have you made arrangements?
  • What is your daily schedule like? Animals require your time every day. Cats less than dogs, but dogs need at least 40 minutes a day for a good walk.
  •  What is YOUR energy level?  You will want an animal that matches it. 
  •  How often are you away from home? Boarding an animal can be expensive and, depending on the kennel, stressful and scary for him/her. It can be like “jail” without having done any crime. Plus, there is always a chance he/she could pick up an illness. Travel with your pets or have a neighbor care for them in their own space before consider boarding.


  • What is required of me in order to adopt a Happy Endings rescue animal?
    All of our animals have had to go through a transition to get here, and will go through another one to get to you. As humans, we know change can be difficult, and the same is true for animals. Furthermore, each rescued animal becomes part of our family, so we want to be assured they will have a HAPPY ENDING before we let him/her go to a new home.  Therefore, we REQUIRE adopters give the same quality of care we do. 
  • How are Happy Endings animals cared for?
    All rescues live in the home with me and my resident dog and cat.  That’s why I don’t take in too many at one time. Everyone needs some space and we have to be able to tolerate each other! For successful adoptions, our animals need to be well adjusted to domestic life in a typical household before they move on. So, we give them the experience we REQUIRE their new homes to give.  That is, a safe, stable, in-home environment with consistency in exercise, rules and daily human interaction. We use NO outdoor kennels or tie-ups; allow access to a safe outdoor area through a PET DOOR; feed only QUALITY food; offer only FRESH water, and provide DAILY walk/s (for dogs) totaling 1-4 miles.
  • How healthy are your rescue animals?
    Some of our furry friends come to us in pretty bad shape. However, no animal goes up for adoption without being spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, and in good physical and emotional condition.
  • What about behavior?
    Each dog and cat is evaluated for energy level, disposition/temperament, personality and behavior.  Dogs are trained in basic manners: “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “off,” “leave it,” and “come here.”  Although I know it’s not impossible, I don’t train cats. If your new pet develops a behavior problem, we are always available to help you figure out the cause and will work with you to find solutions.  
  • Does my yard need to be fenced before I adopt one of your dogs?
    Depending on the dog and where you live, we may require you to have a fenced yard.  Cat adoptions do not require fencing. 
  • Is there an application process?
    No forms need to be filled out. However, all potential adopters go through an interview process and arrangements are made for a home inspection prior to adoption.
  • Do you charge for adoptions?
    If it looks like it will be a good match for you, our rescue animal, and any other pets you may have in your home, there will be a suggested donation amount of $250 to help us cover the cost of vet bills and assure us you are serious about adding a new member to your family.
  • What if the animal doesn’t work out for us?
    If, for whatever reason, the adoption does not work for you, our rescue animal, or another pet in your home, we gladly take back the dog/cat and, if possible, try to re-home him/her.  However, we are unable to offer you a refund.
  • Who are your resident animals?
    Glad you asked!  Introducing Otto, a 4 year old Great Pyrenees who watches over all of us and keeps the coyotes at bay.  And, Mona, a 22 year old Tortoise Shell who is, despite one-eye, deafness and a limp, the best mouser I’ve ever had. We also raise a flock of free range chickens for fresh brown eggs to eat and sell. 

    otto_2 - Copy

    Otto, lifer

    Butterflies & Moths 109

    Mona, lifer


    Chickens, lifers



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