Come & Gone

Here are the cats and dogs we’ve rescued over the years from varying situations. They were strays who came onto the property or were given to us by people who could no longer care for them.  Some were adopted out and others stayed with us for the remainder of their lives. Either way, we tried to give them “happy endings.”

july 28, 2011 081

Dule, adopted, a.k.a. Rocky


Gloria, lifer, deceased

Copy of The Tool Box 032

Main, lifer, deceased







Copy of Summer '09 002

Tresy Seis, adopted, a.k.a. Misu


Nancy Drool, lifer, deceased

Copy (2) of maggie in spring

Maggie, lifer, deceased







Copy of Fall '08 036

Trapper, lifer, deceased

Appalachia Immersion 2006 090

Ugs, lifer, deceased

Collie 013

Laddie, lost & adopted


Stray Dog 002

Katie, lost & found

Copy of CLOVER 013

Clover, adopted, a.k.a. Charlie

Selena headshot

Selene, adopted










Titus 2

Titus, adopted, a.k.a. Bo


Reese, adopted


Sir Vivor, lifer, deceased

Mona, lifer, deceased

Mona, lifer, deceased

Copy of Prissy

Prissy, lifer, deceased


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