“Candy” is an 8 year old, spayed, full bred West Virginia Brown Dog, good with kids, cats and other dogs.

Her owner, an elderly woman, recently passed away.  She left behind no family except Candy, her faithful friend.  Now, since the landlord is only able to check on her every other day for quick visits, Candy is home alone most of the time.

At some point in her history, Candy was hit by a car and her front foot has never healed properly.  Although it is lame now, it doesn’t seem to cause her any pain and it certainly hasn’t dampened her spirits or affected her mobility or ability to snuggle.

As her owner’s health began to fade, she was no longer able to take Candy for walks, or even get up to let her outside.  So, the old woman trained her to use puppy pads in the house. Dogs, by nature, like to keep their dens clean, and would never relieve themselves in the area they sleep. However, cooped up without any outdoor activity, Candy obediently kept it in a corner and remained a wonderful, patient companion.

It looks as though Candy may have been given a few treats or extra food in thanks for her loyalty. The poor thing could stand to lose a few pesky pounds to bring back her girlish figure. Her waistline would benefit from a chance to exercise regularly, and I’m sure she’d enjoy the fresh air, too.

Let’s give this sweet Candy girl the rewards she greatly deserves, a new home before winter, with a family who will be as loyal and loving to her as she desperately wants to be for them.


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