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1939690_10154934390780246_3553234208014102898_n“Happy Endings for DOGS & CATS”

Last year, our county’s animal shelter had to put down over 2,000 dogs and only 1% of the cats were adopted.  So, when an animal comes around here, we try to do our little part. He or he is treated like a family member until the perfect human match comes along. If that doesn’t happen, the animal stays with us forever. Either way, we try to give a “happy ending” for every dog and cat that crosses our path.

Below you’ll find out more about the ones who are with us now. (Updated 4/27/15)



is an 8 year old, female, spayed, full bred West Virginia Brown Dog.  Her elderly owner recently passed away and had no other family. Thankfully, we got this sweet Candy girl a new home before winter! She is good with kids, cats and other dogs. ADOPTED. Learn more about Candy by clicking on her picture.





Snack is a 1 year old, male, neutered, black and white “Tuxedo” with active energy. He is an indoor/outdoor kitty who prefers dirt to a litter box.  Good with dogs, good with cats, unknown with kids.  Independent yet very affectionate. Loves laps.  ADOPTED  Find out how Snack got his name  by clicking on his picture.





Ed is a 14 year old, male, neutered, de-clawed, indoor-only, litter box trained, black and tan “Tabby” with relaxed energy. Tolerant of dogs who are tolerant of him; prefers to be top-cat among males; good with female cats; unknown with kids. Gets lonely without a human for long periods of time. An excellent lap-cat companion.  ADOPTED. Learn Ed’s story by clicking on his picture.



tug 018


TugBoat is a 13 year old, male, neutered, indoor/outdoor, house-broken, Corgi mix with active energy. Good with dogs, cats, kids, everyone except chickens!  Although he’s a senior, he shows no intentions of leaving this world any time soon.  RESIDENT. To let TugBoat tug on your heart-strings, click on  his picture. 





E.J. is a 3 year old, female, spayed, indoor/outdoor, house-broken, crate trained, pure bred West Virginia Brown Dog with active energy. Good with dogs, good with cats, unknown with kids. Found feral, EJ is shy and still learning that humans can be friends, too.  RESIDENT. To learn about EJ’s journey into domestication, click on her picture. 

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