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Happy Endings for Dogs & Cats

1939690_10154934390780246_3553234208014102898_nMy first experiences with the Catholic Worker were with homeless men and women from Washington, DC. However, what I’ve witnessed here is that homelessness is not as much of an issue in rural Appalachia…at least, not for people.  More often than not, they are taken in by friends or family members and, if not, our social service agencies are very attuned and helpful. BUT… we have an overwhelming number of dogs and cats in desperate need of good homes, so we’re doing what we can to help “fill the gap.”

Last year, our county’s animal shelter had to put down over 2,000 dogs and only 1% of the cats were adopted.  So, when an animal comes around here, or we find one in need, we try to do our little part. He/She is treated like a family member unless we can find a new home.  If a good match never comes along, the animal can stay here with us forever. Either way, every dog and cat who makes it’s way here gets a “happy ending.”

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Let me know if you’re interested.  304-927-5798

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