Things-To-Bring List

“There is no such thing as bad weather; just inappropriate clothing.”
~ Wess Harris


Start living simply NOW.
Pack lightly and tightly.

Do not bring anything you don’t want lost, broken, eaten or stolen by others.


  • October – March – winter coat a “hoodie” is not a winter coat!
  • April – September sun block & bug spray
  • image_18774WORK GLOVES – these are different from winter or gardening gloves.  Please invest…they’re cheap, $3.00/pair? NOTE: One size does not fit all &, if they’re too big, they can make work more difficult or even unsafe. Get them smaller if need-be.


  • imagesWORK BOOTS – if you have them. Don’t buy them special for this trip. Hiking boots or rain boots will do, or two pairs of tennis shoes -in case one gets wet or just completely trashed


  • reusable water bottle –spring fed wellwater is the beverage of choice here
  • rain coat – a “hoodie” is not a raincoat, either, and it’s hard to work in ponchos
  • slippers, flip-flops or comfy socks no shoes or boots inside the house
  • sleeping bagit keeps us from having to do tons of laundry between groups
  • pillow casewe have pillows; leave yours at home to save space
  • toiletries toothbrush/paste, soap, towel/washcloth, small bottle of shampoo
  • shirtslong sleeves, short sleeves
  • underwearlong underwear (winter), short underwear (always!), socks
  • jeans for work- sweats, shorts & yoga pants for sleep, free time & field trip
  • sweatshirtokay, now you can pack the hoodie!
  • OPTIONAL: flashlight, journal, camera, book, …”aNd dOg TReaTs” (Otto typed that but don’t listen to him. We have plenty. Really.)432013_10150717550348086_549768085_11336587_1074350138_n - Copy




  • medications for diabetes, asthma, allergies or other conditions needing regularly prescribed drugs- dogs, cats, bees, hay, pollen, dust and an occasional fellow student can cause a reaction. 
  • medication for car sickness- I never got woozy ’til I moved to West Virginia.
  • orthodontic stuff like head gear, rubber bands, mouth guard, retainer – cuz you don’t want to have to get braces AGAIN when you’re old like I had to, & you can’t use mine

LEAVE in the VAN:

  • electronics and musicwe like the quiet
  • any kind of food or drinkwill attract mice; they will find it & then you will find them setting up house in your duffel bag & starting a family in your skivies.
  • watchesyou’ll be in the present moment at all times


  • homeworkyou won’t have time for it & who wants to do it anyway?
  • electric tooth brushes – we’re trying to “unplug”
  • pets – you can borrow ours
  • stuffed animals again, you can borrow ours…well, okay, but just one
  • parents – (unless they’re leading) – but they can send chocolate chip cookies!
  • significant others – they’ll cramp your style if we visit the Senior Center

no phone zoneNO PHONE ZONE.  phones distract and take away from the kinds of experiences we hope you’re wanting to have when you come here. We ask that all participants -except leaders- refrain from using cell phones for anything but pictures/videos.  99% of volunteers have been able to set this limit for themselves but, as in our current economic system, there’s always that 1%, thus the rule.  Getting a signal in the hollers and on country roads is spotty anyway. All loved ones should be told you will not be able to be reached by cell. In case of an emergency at home, they can call our land line – 304-927-5798. Messages are retrieved several times a day and will be given to you as soon as possible. If you are involved in an emergency or accident here, your leaders or I will use the emergency contact number listed on your form to alert folks at home. So, be sure to turn that in before your departure.

Speaking of…
no accidentsNO ACCIDENTS ALLOWED. In our 16 years, we’ve never had an accident on a work project, only 4 mishaps during ‘fun’ times, but let’s not have YOU add to them. Please try to avoid getting hurt at all costs or at least don’t make any accidents worse if you can help it!  As you’ll see below, we had ZERO until the Great Recession of 2009. Coincidence? I think not.  During that time, many Americans were out of work leaving a shortage of angels to protect the rest of us. We are just now starting to bounce back from that, and our average rate of accidents per year is finally improving.

  • 2000-2008ZERO
  • 2009 – A junior from University of Cincinnati ran as fast as he could down a steep hill in the woods, tripped, fell, and landed on a strand of old, rusty barbed wire. Suffered scrape and puncture wound on his BUTT, spent long, uncomfortable hours sitting in hospital Emergency waiting room, received Tetanus shot and endured ruthless teasing by his friends and embarrassment.
  • 2010 – A junior from St. Peter’s University had seizure during final banquet dinner. EMS was called to the house.  The girl was fine and admitted to not having brought her medication. She didn’t think she would need it.
  • 2011 – While wearing thin, canvas tennis shoes, a senior from Xavier University joined her friends in exploring the inside of an old, abandoned, dilapidated house and stepped on a rusty nail that went straight through the sole and into the ball of her foot. Suffered puncture wound, long hours in hospital Emergency waiting room, and a Tetanus shot. Missed ‘movie night’ with the group.
  • 2014 – During the last hike of the week, a staff Leader from Xavier University caught his foot on the root of a tree, lost balance, fell and twisted his ankle while making his way down a steep hill. He kept it elevated but declined the offer of ice until it blew up like a balloon and turned black and blue. Once home, his family doctor said it was sprained and he was on crutches for  two weeks.
  • 2015 – ZERO
  • 2016 – ZERO so far!


Core is the angel of Spring

Core is the angel of Spring

Aralim brings protection to the home and loved ones.

Aralim brings protection to the home and loved ones.

Mumiah suspends physical laws and creates miracles.

Mumiah suspends physical laws and creates miracles.

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