Esther & J.J.

Isaac’s Random Acts of Kindness

“Personalism” is a personal approach to loving and serving one’s neighbor.  It was practiced and preached by our patron saint, Isaac of Nineveh, but the actual term was coined by Peter Maurin, the co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.  “Personalism” is an inherent trait among Appalachians in the hills. They don’t wait for churches or government agencies to take care of people in need. For the most part, they take care of each other, and not just when it’s easy or convenient.

So, since many services we could provide would be redundant, we simply attempt to fill in any voids.  Our service to locals is most often in the form of outreach not much different than what they already do for us and for one another; things like, visiting or doing errands for the elderly, helping neighbors collect wood for the winter, purchasing parts for broken down jalopies, passing around hand-me-down clothes, and getting in the field when its hay season.  Regardless what it entails, our out-reaching is never done at arms length.

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