Coal Field Tours

After Mountaintop Removal

Julian Martin & Wess Harris on Kayford Mtn.


The Appalachian Catholic Worker, in conjunction with Flatridge Farm, offers tours of the coal fields in central West Virginia. Join us to learn about the history of mining, the battles to organize unions, and see for yourself the devastating effects of the coal extraction process called Mountaintop Removal.  The tour makes four stops:

  • State Cultural Museum
  • Kayford Mountain
  • Whipple Company Store/Museum

We’ll meet promptly at 9 a.m. at the Cultural Museum in Charleston on the campus of the State Capitol (yes, the one with the gold dome!).

COST: $25/person + your own gas gets you:

  • tour guide
  • souvenir books like, “When Miners March”
  • entrance tickets to Whipple Company Store/Museum
  • Lunch at Tamarack ($10 limit)

To schedule all or part of the tours, contact: or


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